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Custom Oil Blends: "I'm Amazed. And so grateful."

Happy Monday, Pro Essentials followers and fans! 

Ever notice how blog posts are always trying to teach you stuff?

Essential oil master guru in the making! 


Well, not today. So, if you came here to get your in-depth learning on about essential oils, you might have to go somewhere else. But we really hope you won’t because we have something pretty rad to share!

Here’s the deal - plenty of people would like to turn to nature more to heal themselves. Many of us want to reduce the number of synthetic products we use in our homes and our bodies. But between working, parenting (I am literally wearing my Mommin' Ain't Easy tank top as I write this), trying to fit in some fun and relaxation time, and oh yeah, sleep, there’s not much time or energy left to devote to the study of natural healing.  

Well thanks to our founder’s constant quest to make the power of essential oils accessible in everyday life, now you can leave all this to us! We are now offering custom oil blends created specifically for individual clients’ needs.  

Like all decent entrepreneurs, we made sure to experiment on some acquaintances before launching this “for real.” Here is one person’s account of her experience:





I recently got the chance to try something cool! 

Pro Essentials makes essential oil blends that can be used every day to help with things like sore muscles or nerves and even skin care. They carry some pre-made blends that address problems a lot of people have but when my friend, who knows the owner, told me about it and I read about their oils I didn’t see a couple of my biggest issues mentioned. And plus, they use so many different oils, some of them I’ve never heard of – it was impressive, but it also got overwhelming really fast when I started looking up each oil on the ingredients lists!

Well I guess I was not the only one with this issue – and how cool that they are paying such close attention to the needs of their customers! – because soon after they reached out and asked me to test out their new personalized blend service.

It was super easy! All I did was send an email explaining my symptoms, my reasons for wanting to try oils, basically just what I was trying to accomplish.

For me, I have a circulation problem that causes my fingers and toes to get very cold and even go numb (even in the summer!), and right now its also causing a surgical incision on my foot to not heal properly. So I explained all this and then I was contacted by email by Product Specialist Hannah. She was very nice and knowledgeable. She asked me a few questions to make sure she understood what I was looking for and how I wanted to use my blend. She even suggested a cute name for my blend which was hand-written on the bottle when I received it!  

The best part is, I’ve been using this blend now for about 2 weeks and I am in shock at how well – and fast - it is working. I have been able to stop bandaging my incision already which my doctor did not expect I’d be able to do for at least another week from now because of my circulation problem. I am already noticing a difference with the coldness and numbing issue too – I carry socks with me everywhere just in case I go into a place with strong  air conditioning wearing open-toe shoes. My daughter actually pointed out to me 2 days ago as we were leaving a restaurant that I had not even pulled them out of my bag!

I’m amazed. And so grateful. I am already thinking about what to write to Hannah about next!

Needless to say, we are glowing and can’t wait to hear from this happy healer as soon as she is ready to create her next personalized blend.  

So how about you and your friends and family? This service is up and running  - access it from our homepage, or email to get your blend started today. 



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