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Introduction and Company History

Hey everyone, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, and tell you a little bit about me and why I decided to start Pro Essentials. I have been a massage therapist for the last 16 years, but most of my family would tell you I have been a healing soul for a lot longer! Since I can remember, I have always loved to try and make others feel better when they were tired or in any kind of pain. Sure enough the healing business found me as a young adult.

From day one as a massage therapist, I have tried to find the miracle oil, or lotion, or gel…etc. that I could use to help me in making my clients feel as if they had the best opportunity at relief with me as their therapist. I spent a lot of nights looking up various techniques and strategies to body working, studying anatomy and various systems of the body, and also just trying to get that extra little advantage over my fellow therapists to keep up with the constant competition, so that my clients would know that I was truly interested in their well-being!  

A few years into being licensed as a M.T., I began to dabble into the world of essential oils. I started using and learning the effects of specific individual oils. At first, I really dove into learning all about them because I found them so interesting, but like a lot of people, I was a bit of a skeptic. I soon found out that there was a ton of schools, scientists, and plenty of research groups that had proven definite positive effects from use of certain essential oils. Additionally, I found that a lot of modern medicines had been derived from the same plants from which essential oils are made. This gave me the confidence to use them as they were intended. I found that there were essential oils for every type of problem that I would, and had, already encountered in my profession. However, I then began to realize a small problem with the world of essential oils after just a few years of experience with them.

I realized it was not the easiest thing for the average person that didn’t use them in these various situations regularly to learn about each individual oil and its effects. More specifically, how to use them easily and effectively. The main problem was that the companies that sold them for use were ultra expensive and wanted you to become part of a membership to supposedly get you a more affordable price. What I found is that using them daily, which is the intended purpose to be be fully effective, would cost a fortune even with these discounted membership pricing programs. Trust me, I tried it for years. I decided I would find a way to bring my customers an option to use essentials oils (100% therapeutic-grade oils, like the big companies) as a product they could also afford.

This brings us to today and how and why Pro Essentials was born. I started to make my own blends of oils that would be directed to supporting each individual area of the concerns that I faced daily, such as general muscle fatigue, annoying nerve pain, sinus pressure, overall immune system fatigue, etc. and offer them at a price point we all can be happy with.

I would love for every one to come join the new, fast-growing family of Pro Essentials. Thank you all and I wish you a happy and pain free life.


GSH, Founder

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