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All About our Newest Arrival - Lip Balm for Focus & Concentration

Followers and friends, the time has come! We are thrilled to introduce our latest creation:

Focus-Concentration Lip Balm 

What’s that you say? You’ve never heard of chap stick that can actually improve focus and concentration? We hadn’t either. So, we made one.

Fun fact about me - besides my passionate support for the products, causes, and culture here at ProEssentials, I am also a pediatric occupational therapist. As such, I know quite a bit about how our brains make sense of the world around us and produce what we OTs call “function” –  basically, the ability to respond appropriately to the wide variety of situations and demands life throws at us each day. So when Greg, our founder, told me he was working on this product, I was extra excited!

It’s no secret that kids and adults alike are struggling more than ever with mental clarity. Impulsivity, anxiety, difficulty with attention, memory, & mood - these struggles are quickly becoming the norm. Meanwhile, it seems like daily life only gets more and more complicated.

The myriad of reasons and causes for these trends would require their own series of articles, so we’ll just touch on one of the most prominent here – that thing you’re staring at right now as you read this! Yes, screens. Computers, phones, tablets, TVs, and even wristwatches now have us interacting with screens almost constantly.

Screens can and do change our brains, particularly the still-developing brains of kids and teens. If you have any doubt, take a look at this article, just one of many that does a good job of summarizing scientific findings around this issue. The areas of the brain most affected are the same areas that are responsible for regulating impulse control and sustained attention, and the pathways between brain centers that are designed to integrate cognition, emotion, and our physical experiences. Not good. Here’s just one sentence that sums it up nicely, or not-so-nicely:

“In short, excessive screen-time appears to impair brain structure and function. Much of the damage occurs in the brain’s frontal lobe, which undergoes massive changes from puberty until the mid-twenties. Frontal lobe development, in turn, largely determines success in every area of life—from sense of well-being to academic or career success to relationship skills.” 

We can learn a lot from them - Let that WiFi go down!

And again, screens are just one of the factors in the struggle to stay mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally balanced.

At this point you may be wondering why creators of essential oil blends are harping on screen time so much. Well, it’s simple. Bringing the ancient science of essential oils to bear against the negative effects of modern technology on our well-being is what we’re all about.

So what’s in it? This amazing lip balm contains the following 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, each carefully selected for its particular special properties: 

Vetiver sometimes called the “oil of tranquility,” known for its grounding, calming, stabilizing effects. According to this study by Terry S. Friedmann, M.D., A.B.H.M.: “Treatment outcome results reveal that the essential oil of Vetiver improves the brain activity and reduces the symptoms in ADHD diagnosed subjects.”  

YlangYlang – promotes feelings of relaxation and reduces cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Less cortisol means better focus, memory, and concentration. Read more here.

Frankincense relieves stress, induces feeling of mental peace, and helps keep sleep patterns healthy. More info here.

Peppermint increases focus, alertness (click here to read the study), and memory retention.

Lavender – well-known for its calming properties, it relaxes and reduces anxiety without a sedative effect on the nervous system. Click here for more info.

Mandarin – uplifts mood, combats anxiety, and promotes healthy sleep.

These mighty-but-gentle oils were combined with the soothing scent of vanilla, well-known to have an organizing/balancing effect, and the nourishing properties of all-natural organic bees wax and coconut oil. And that’s it. No chemicals, no additives, no nonsense.


One more thing in case you’re wondering, why a lip balm? As with all of our creations, the delivery method of the active constituents in the oils to the bloodstream was a huge factor in developing this product.

It is well-established that the 2 best ways to get the active molecules where they need to be are transdermal application (through the skin) and via inhalation. A third way to get essential oil compounds into the body is to ingest them, but this is generally less effective due to the acidic environment they encounter on their way to absorption.

When it comes to absorption through the skin, several aspects of skin structure affect how completely and how rapidly the good stuff gets in. Here is a very detailed article explaining this further, but basically, lip skin has some unique properties that make it excellent for molecular transfer.

In terms of the inhalation method, sometimes common sense is all you need; we figured out all by ourselves that our lips are located right smack in the middle of our breathing parts, and so are yours! Essential oils on your lips easily get inhaled. Want to know more? click here.  

The final reason we wanted this to be a lip balm is less scientific, but even more important; we simply want everyone - but especially kids and teens - to be able to use it easily, abundantly, and without getting any sideways glances. Everyone uses chap stick. Why not use one that is jam-packed with benefits and nourishment?

As always, our mission here at ProEssentials is to bring the power of nature to the issues of the modern world. That’s precisely what we’ve done with this remarkable new creation. Give it a try!

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