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FOCUS | Essentials Oils Concentration Lip Balm

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This amazing lip balm contains the following 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, each carefully selected for its particular special properties: 

Vetiver sometimes called the “oil of tranquility,” known for its grounding, calming, stabilizing effects. According to this study by Terry S. Friedmann, M.D., A.B.H.M.: “Treatment outcome results reveal that the essential oil of Vetiver improves the brain activity and reduces the symptoms in ADHD diagnosed subjects.”  

YlangYlang – promotes feelings of relaxation and reduces cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Less cortisol means better focus, memory, and concentration. Read more here.

Frankincense relieves stress, induces feeling of mental peace, and helps keep sleep patterns healthy. More info here.

Peppermint increases focus, alertness (click here to read the study), and memory retention.

Lavender – well-known for its calming properties, it relaxes and reduces anxiety without a sedative effect on the nervous system. Click here for more info.

Mandarin – uplifts mood, combats anxiety, and promotes healthy sleep.

These mighty-but-gentle oils were combined with the soothing scent of vanilla, well-known to have an organizing/balancing effect, and the nourishing properties of all-natural organic bees wax and coconut oil. And that’s it. No chemicals, no additives, no nonsense.