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How to use DEFUSE



DEFUSE comes to you in a compact size with a convenient roller ball so it will never be out of reach!

For serious congestion relief, apply DEFUSE to your chest or neck to ensure inhalation and reduce cough and congestion. You can even tap a tiny amount on your upper lip to target annoying nasal congestion - just be careful if this already-delicate skin is irritated from too many tissues!

To ease a headache, dab DEFUSE behind your ears or on your temples and give yourself a gentle massage,

For additional systemic relief, apply DEFUSE to the soles of the feet; since the soles of the feet do not have sebaceous glands (also true of the palms of the hands, but oily palms are not compatible with life!), the active compounds in the oil can more freely absorb into the bloodstream and get to work.